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Journeying Soul. Creative ceremonies for all occasions. Counselling and coaching for all creeds.


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At Journeying Soul we provide celebrant, counselling and personal development services throughout Essex and beyond. Many of our counselling and consultancy services can also be delivered online.

We believe in living life fully. Hence, through non-denominational spiritual counselling, coaching and additional services, we help people to understand themselves better, to relax and to relate to the world in a more positive, meaningful way.

Our “living fully” philosophy includes the marking of different life stages in a profound, true-to-self way. Therefore, we offer the crafting and delivery of deeply personal and original ceremonies, blessings and rituals for any occasion, from weddings and funerals to vow renewals and pet blessings.


At Journeying Soul we understand the power that ritual and ceremony can have over people, especially when used as gateways from one phase of life to the next. We also understand that we are all different and wish to express ourselves in a particular way. That is why we offer bespoke ceremonies, crafted to each person’s beliefs, needs, life-view, personality and vision.

Ceremonies can be spiritual-but-not-religious; multi-faith; inspired by a specific world religion; or non-spiritual. We tailor the ceremonies for any occasion that you require and adapt our level of involvement as a celebrant to your requirements.

Ceremonies include but are not limited to: weddings, civil partnership blessings, handfasting, funerals, memorials, vow renewals, baby naming, pet blessings and funerals, home and business blessings.


Spiritual counselling and coaching work from the premise that you are whole and possess all you need to live a plentiful and fruitful life. It can be of enormous benefit to anyone, irrespective of personal beliefs, age, gender, race, culture and personal circumstances.

During our client-centred sessions, you are listened to deeply and from a place of non-judgement and profound respect for your spiritual and other beliefs. With gentle guidance and holding, you are allowed to explore your life’s journey so you can find lessons, insights, personal-truths, unhelpful or outdate perceptions, transpersonal connection and more; to set and attain goals around your spiritual life; and to find ways to use your beliefs and values as support and motivation to help you achieve your aims. Both spiritual counselling and coaching seek the same objective: to help you be all that you can be.  


Imagine accessing continuous inner wellness, spiritual and self-mastery programmes, practices, information and inspiration. Imagine sharing with like-minded people and receiving encouragement and direction throughout the year. Imagine being able to come to a virtual well-being haven, where you can relax your spirit, expand your mind, and tweak some perceptions and ideas to regain the inner balance thrown out of alignment by the craziness of life.

Then imagine no more, for that is what Life Servicing, our membership site, is all about.


One of aims  at Journeying Soul is to provide techniques, tools, practices, insights, knowledge and motivation for people to obtain self-development, inner well-being and empowerment.

We facilitate this through 1:1 mentoring, intimate or large workshops, courses, lectures or bespoke motivational chats and services. We will also shortly be providing online “self-study” courses.

We want to offer people from all walks of life the opportunity to unfold, expand and enjoy their human experience.


On our Products page you can access the different spiritual, self-mastery and well-being materials which we develop to help you access, understand and express your inner wisdom, power, positivity, peace, joy and ingenuity.

We regularly add to our collection of e-books, e-courses, MP3s, e-packs and more, so keep visiting our virtual shop to see what new goodies are on the shelf.

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So welcome to Journeying Soul. Please take time to browse this web site. We want to serve you: the spiritual but not religious; the religious but spiritually open; the secular minded, who wants to honour your life's stages in a significant way. All from a place of acceptance, service and joy.